How to dress like a Mob Wife and look as good as Netflix's Griselda Blanco (2024)

How to dress like a Mob Wife and look as good as Netflix's Griselda Blanco (1)
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Ease yourself into the trend with this detachable faux-fur trim coat.

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  • Emily Regan

TIKTOK has birthed yet again another fashion aesthetic called Mob Wife - here’s, everything we know about the new viral trend inspired by Netflix's most recent top show, Griselda.

As the cold winter weather continues to hit, here’s a trend that you can follow whilst remaining warm, and Sofia Vegara fans just can't get enough - think faux-fur coats and a lot of faux-leather.


As the trend has taken the fashion world by storm, it's no surprise that celebrities and fashion icons have also jumped on board.

The likes of Dua Lipa, Hailey Beiber and Kendall Jenner have all been seen adopting the trend and sporting fur coats recently… but is the school run ready for an army of mafia mums to descend?

If you want to try the trend but don’t want to look like you just stepped out of Goodfellas, the fashion team show you how they will be wearing it.

Clemmie Fieldsend, 33, Fashion Editor


  • Coat, £454.30, Karen Millen - BUY NOW
  • Bag, £89, Charles & Keith - BUY NOW
  • Shoes, £2498, LK Bennet at Next - BUY NOW
  • Necklaces, £15.99 for set, Zara - BUY NOW
  • Sunglasses, £200, H&M - BUY NOW

As a Scorsese fan channelling on-screen icons from Casino and Goodfellas is a fancy dress dream that's become a reality.

For me, the mob wife trend isn’t something I would choose to wear to the office or the supermarket, but for the evening it's perfect.

I’m loving all the rich, dark chocolate colours we’re seeing at the moment and it's a gentle segue from my usual black that fits the mobster brief perfectly.

This coat from Karen Millen feels as good as it looks, so soft and cosy but doesn’t have that baggy weight that comes with other, fuller faux fur coats.

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I’d pair it with a straight, long sleeved LBD with all chocolate accessories, like this designer inspired bag from Charles & Keith, and 20 denier, sheer tights.

Polished off with some micro sunglasses it's a Hailey Bieber meets Sharon Stone look I love.

Abby McHale, 29, Deputy Fashion Editor


  • Dress, £29, Baukjen - BUY NOW
  • Sunglasses, £56, Quay Australia - BUY NOW
  • Boots, £60, Schuh - BUY NOW
  • Lipstick, £25.50, Nars - BUY NOW
  • Earrings, £115, Missoma - BUY NOW
  • Bag, £65, Charles & Keith - BUY NOW

Forget clean girl aesthetic 2024 is all about the Mob Wife era. Think, sunglasses, red lipstick and a lot of leopard print.

They say leopard print is a neutral and it really can be worn for all occasions, I love this dress from Baukjen and it’s a steal at only, £29.

Whilst some people shy away from a red lipstick, I’m all for it, I think it can instantly uplift any outfit and really goes with the tones of the rest of this look.

And I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of long black boots for a while now so this pair from Schuh are perfect - think Mob Wife but with timeless classic wardrobe essentials.

Tracey Lea Sayer, 52, Fashion Director


  • Coat, £119, Zara - BUY NOW
  • Bag, £79, to rent for 3 days, by Chanel at Cocoon - BUY NOW
  • Dress, £79.99, H&M - BUY NOW
  • Ring, £69, Anisa Sojka Jewellery - BUY NOW
  • Bracelet, £94, Anisa Sojka Jewellery - BUY NOW
  • Leather boots, £69.99, Zara - BUY NOW

Kylie Jenner might be running around in Phoebe Philo’s enormous faux mink coat looking all drop dead glam, but as a 52 year old mum of two, I am not sure I even want to try the ‘Mob-Wife Aesthetic’, I am happy being an honest wife to my lovely, funny husband!

Brash prints and bling are really not my thing, so although I love the look of this trend, it isn’t really me. I have gone for a slightly less leopardy and leathery look and a more luxe option.

I have chosen a lighter look, that is more flattering on older skin, but still with all the glamour that dirty money can buy.

Chanel bag anyone? I can’t afford one but I would rent one from Cocoon Club for a special occasion.

Big gold jewellery? Yes but make it classy not trashy.

Straight leg 80's style stiletto boots? Did they ever go out of fashion? I don’t think so…

Emily Regan, 24, Fashion Assistant


  • Coat, £159, Zara - BUY NOW
  • Bag, £19.99, Bershka - BUY NOW
  • Foil jeans, £79.99, Mango - BUY NOW
  • Boots, £45.99, Zara - BUY NOW
  • Foil Jacket, £89.99, Mango - BUY NOW

This faux-fur trim coat screams mob-wife but will last a lot longer than the TikTok hype - you can detach the fur so if you’re looking to try-out the trend with less commitment then this is the way to do it.


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I’m obsessed with this really cool denim co-ord with a foil effect from Mango’s new in section.

It’s so wearable and easy to throw on whilst still looking super put together, paired with some heeled ankle boots, it’s giving boss energy.


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How to dress like a Mob Wife and look as good as Netflix's Griselda Blanco (2024)
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