Genesis Lopez: Pictures, Videos, Instagram and All You Need To Know About Her - Dicy Trends (2024)

Genesis Lopez: Pictures, Videos, Instagram and All You Need To Know About Her

Genesis Lopez: Pictures, Videos, Instagram and All You Need To Know About Her - Dicy Trends (1)

Who is Genesis Lopez

Genesis Mia Lopez(born 15 July 1993) is an American fitness model and social media personality whose pictures and videos have gathered millions of likes and followers. Genesis is a very gorgeous lady who has worked on her body into an excellent shape that many people gush over.

Genesis Lopez: Profile Summary

Full NameGenesis Mia Lopez
Famous asFitness Model
Age29 years old as of 2021
Date of Birth15thof July 1993
Place of BirthMiami, United States of America
Zodiac signCancer

Born on the 15thof July 1993 in Miami in the United States of America, Genesis Mia Lopez is an American model and an internet-famous who is well-known for her contributions to the Instagram account GenesisLopezfitness, where she’s garnered over 2 million followers before it was disabled. She later created genesismialopez which has gained over 4 million followers.

As of 2022 Genesis Lopez is 29 years old and celebrates her birthday on the 15 July of every year. She hails from the state of Florida. Genesis’ parents are Mr. and Mrs. Lopez. She has both Japanese and Brazilian ancestry. She is a Latina.

Apart from being a famous personality on social media, Mia was also a model under the Elite Model Management Company and consequently appeared in various fitness magazines across the United States. In addition, She has also traveled widely across the USA in the course of her modeling picture shots.

Genesis Lopezcompleted her elementary and high school education in top private schools in Miami. After leaving high school, she enrolled atFlorida State Universityand graduated with a bachelor’s degree after four years of study.

Genesis Lopez Pictures/ Career

As a little girl,Genesis Lopezaspired to be a model. This did not come as a surprise to her parents because she is a very pretty lady. At the early age of 17, Lopezstarted her journey to becoming a fitness model. She started going to visit the gym to work out regularly and get her body into her desired shape.

Around 2016, Genesis Lopez introduced herself to word by opening an account on the social media app Instagram and started posting pictures of herself while working out at the gym. Due to her attractive looks and hard work, it didn’t take long before her pictures went viral and she gained lots of followers on her page.

It wasn’t surprising when modeling agencies in Miami began to contactherto give her gigs. Genesis Lopez has worked as a commercial model for different brands in the United States an example is Elite Model Management Company. She has also graced the cover of some leading fitness magazines in the States. She is the brand ambassador ofBang Energy DrinkandBares Swimwears USA.

Genesis Lopez is currently signed to a top modeling agency in the US and has appeared in several ads and media campaigns in the past five years. In order to maintain her body shape, Genesis Lopez adheres to a strict diet. She doesn’t eat processed sugary foods and flour. While foods like fish, meat, vegetables, and fruits are what make up the bulk of her diet. It is never an easy thing to get such an amazing body.

Genesis is an avid lover of Italian foods and her dream destination is the city of Paris in France.

Apart from her social media life and model job, Genesis Lopez is also an entrepreneur and is the CEO ofHaute Athletics Company. Her brand is known for helping clients across the world stay fit and build their desired body shapes through workout plans and certain food regimens.

Genesis Lopez Boyfriend

Genesis is doesn’t have a boyfriend. She is currently single after breaking off a three-year relationship with a handsome young man some months ago. Her former lover is a fitness enthusiast just like her. She is yet to have a new partner.

However, other sources claim that Genesis Lopez is dating a man calledJoe Tarantoand they have been dating for more than three years as their relationship began in April of 2017. Taranto also works in the beauty industry as a model and like his girlfriend, he runs his own business.

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Genesis Lopezis not married, she has not confirmed any relationship in an interview or social media post.

Genesis Lopez: Net Worth

Genesis Lopezis believed to have accumulated an estimated net worth of $100,000-$500,000. These figures might not be a correct representation of her net worth as she has not made any public utterances regarding her net worth, salary, and earnings.

Its believed that she has earned quite a lot of money from her modeling and brand influencing careers. Thus she is able to reside in an upscale apartment in Miami and drive an exotic car.

Genesis Lopez Height

She has a height of 5’6 Centimeters: 168 cm Meters: 1.68 m and a weight of 62 KgPounds: 136 lbs.

Social Media/ Instagram

As one of the top American Influencers,Genesis Lopezhas over 4.8m followers. Her Official Instagram handle is @genesislopezofficial

Genesis Lopez videos

  • Genesis Lopez: Pictures, Videos, Instagram and All You Need To Know About Her - Dicy Trends (6)

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Genesis Lopez: Pictures, Videos, Instagram and All You Need To Know About Her - Dicy Trends (2024)
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