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posted by Crissy Pageon Feb 17, 2021 (updated Apr 1, 2024) 125 comments »

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My easy peanut butter fudge is truly the best fudge recipe! It is smooth, creamy, and reminiscent of the fudge your grandma made.

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BEST Easy Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe - Casserole Crissy (1)

The best part about this old-fashioned fudge recipe is that you can have a delicious batch of fudge in a snap, using only a few ingredients.

Best Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe

It’s true that good things come in small packages. In this case, you can whip-up some amazing fudge using just a short list of ingredients.

BEST Easy Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe - Casserole Crissy (2)

I found this recipe on a small slip of paper, tucked into an old cookbook that I found at a thrift store, and I’ve been using it ever since.

BEST Easy Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe - Casserole Crissy (3)

If you love peanut butter, you’re going to fall IN LOVE with this easy peanut butter fudge!

How do you Make Peanut Butter Fudge?

As I mentioned, you only need a few ingredients to make this wonderful fudge.

Grab two cups of granulated sugar, 1/2 cup of milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, and 3/4 cup of your favorite creamy peanut butter.

Yes, that’s really all it takes!

BEST Easy Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe - Casserole Crissy (4)

First, you’ll lightly spray an 8×8 dish with non-stick cooking spray.

Next, in a medium pan, stir together the sugar and the milk. Over medium-low heat, bring the mixture to a boil.

Continue to boil for 2 ½ minutes, stirring continuously to prevent sticking.

Finally, remove from the heat, stir in the peanut butter and the vanilla until smooth. Pour peanut butter fudge into your prepared pan and allow it to cool.

BEST Easy Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe - Casserole Crissy (5)

My only warning to you about this easy peanut butter fudge recipe?

It is extremely addictive! When I make this dessert, it’s hard to keep my husband and kids from eating all of it in the first day.

It is just SO. GOOD.

It’s the perfect peanut butter dessert for that one person in your life who absolutely lives for peanut butter!

BEST Easy Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe - Casserole Crissy (6)

If you decide to give my easy peanut butter fudge recipe a try, I hope you’ll let me know how much you loved it (because I just know that you will love it,) in the comments below!

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BEST Easy Peanut Butter Fudge Recipe - Casserole Crissy (7)

Easy Peanut Butter Fudge

Prep: 5 minutes mins

Cook: 5 minutes mins

Additional Time: 1 hour hr

Total: 1 hour hr 10 minutes mins

Creamy old-fashioned peanut butter fudge is easy to make. You only need a few ingredients!

4.66 from 666 ratings



  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • ½ cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • ¾ cup peanut butter


  • Lightly spray a 8×8 dish with non-stick cooking spray; set aside.

  • In a medium pan stir together the sugar and the milk. Over medium-low heat, bring to a boil. Continue to boil for 2 ½ minutes, stirring continuously to prevent sticking.

  • Remove from the heat, stir in the peanut butter and the vanilla until smooth.

  • Pour into the prepared pan and allow to cool completely.

Serving: 1g, Calories: 110kcal, Carbohydrates: 18g, Protein: 2g, Fat: 4g, Saturated Fat: 1g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 3g, Sodium: 40mg, Sugar: 16g

Author: Crissy Page

Course: Desserts

Cuisine: American

Did you make this recipe?Please leave a star rating and review in the form below!

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originally published on Feb 17, 2021 (last updated Apr 1, 2024)

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125 comments on “Easy Peanut Butter Fudge”

  1. Neil Hartley Reply

    Tried the easy pb fudge recipe and it was absolutely delicious. Now wonder if there is an easy chocolate fudge that is that easy and delicious

    • Crissy Page Reply

      Hi Neil, I’m glad you liked the fudge! I’ll work on getting a chocolate fudge version posted soon!

      • Gail Reply

        I made it and about to make another batch for our Christmas gathering this weekend. Would love to see a fudge recipe this easy!

    • Julie Reply

      I am just viewing the peanut butter fudge recipe & comments about it.
      My mother made the same recipe & added cocoa 🙂
      VERY addicting.

    • Haley Thompson Reply

      Has it worked out doing a double batch?

    • Dawn King Reply

      you can add a handful of chocolate chip to the sugar and milk before you cook it. it’s still delicious.

  2. Kimberly westfall Reply

    Just made it, had to scrape the pan out afterwards. For taste testing of course. ☺ It’s super smooth and not at all gritty on the tongue. It’s setting very well too.

    • Crissy Page Reply

      Yay! Hope you love it! 🙂

      • Samuel Reply

        Hey! I don’t usually cook so I’m not sure, but I accidentally added the PB before taking it off the heat, does that matter?

      • Barbara Weygandt Reply

        it’s delicious!! very ez to make,too

    • Betty Ingle Reply


  3. Kelly Reply

    My grandmas passed down recipe is the same except we use a full cup of peanut butter and we use water instead of milk. It’s been a family favorite forever! I just made a pan.

  4. Debbie Reply

    Just made a batch of the yumyum

  5. Debbie Reply

    Just made a batch of the yumyum
    Just like I use to make as a kid perfect

  6. Gayatri Reply

    This was so easy and so, so delicious!! I’ve previously made fudge with the stress of figuring out the soft-ball stage, and I loved that this had the same results without any of that! Thank you 🙂

    • Jan Reply

      I followed the recipe exactly but the fudge was not very hard and it was kind of Gritty.

  7. Deb Reply

    Great recipe!! I followed the directions exactly but mine was overcooked so it is a bit dry and crumbly. However that could be the pan I’m using or heat level. It’s still delicious. Next time I will cut 30 seconds off the boiling time.

    • LaDonna Reply

      Next time it starts setting up too quickly in the pan just add a tablespoon or 2 of milk. Keep stirring it and adding until its smooth. When its the consistency of cake icing pour it into the pan to set up.

  8. Audrey Reply

    I made this fudge. It is quick and easy. It is, however, magic fudge because it has vanished!! I melted milk chocolate and poured it on the top just for fun and everyone loved it.

  9. Teresa Smith Reply

    Damn good!!!!

    • marianne Degroat Reply

      I used to make these all the time but lately it has not come out, should I use whole milk instead of 2 percent milk

    • Leo Reply

      don’t say that

  10. Debbie Reply

    I made it, its delicious, thankyou, I would love a chocolate one also

    • Lois Brunkhorst Reply

      What kind of milk??

  11. Krista Reply

    I made this one for the first time and my go-to one (powdered sugar, butter, and peanut butter) as well. I am bringing them both to work and have a peanut butter fudge taste test. Excited to see the results.

    • leslie Reply

      now i wanna know the results lol

    • Ruth Mccarty Reply

      I would like to know your results too.

  12. Kara Reply

    I just made a batch and it is awesome. This will be put in my recipe box! Thank you!

    • Linda Reply

      Wow, so good and so easy. This is the second batch I’ve made in 2 days. :). Any update on an easy chocolate fudge like this fudge?

  13. Shirley Mote Reply

    Oh my, absolutely delicious, so easy my husband did it, only problem, he now considers himself a Chef.

  14. Nancy Reply

    Tried this for National Peanut Butter Fudge day on Nov 20. Sooo easy and soooo good. I halved the recipe easily and now hope we still have some left for tomorrow! Thanks for an easy recipe.

  15. christine Reply

    good…just not the best fudge recipe….I like the recipe on the back of the “KRAFT Marshmallow cream Jar much better….Its so much more creamier(Sorry)…and I prefer to add chopped walnuts or pecans.

  16. Leighan Dalton Reply

    I just made this recipe and it turned out so good! Everybody loved it so I’ll be making a double batch next! Thanks so much!!

    • Nancy Nern Reply

      I loved it. It was so easy and quick to make. I have struggled for years making fudge and it never worked. thank you for this. Can’t wait to try this in chocolate for my husband

  17. Jay Reply

    Just made this but substituted egg nog for the milk. Turned out really good!!

  18. Robbyne Reply

    Can this be made with Splenda?

  19. Summer Eden Reply

    This is the exact recipe my nana (great grandma) and I made together when I was little. She passed when I was 15 and now I’m 22. I never had the recipe written down, but my mom knew it by heart. The first time I made it alone my mom was in the phone with me telling me exactly what to do. Every following time I always missed something or didn’t cook long enough, or something. My mom passed when I was 18 and I still never had the recipe written down. I want to thank you so much for posting this. It is exactly as it should be and it is the exact recipe. I have finally made it again and it is right. My nana always over cooked it a bit and I will too but that’s because it’s just so dang good. I’d rather it crumble that need a spoon!!!

  20. Valeria Ison Reply

    This is like the fudge my Mom made, I make, and my Daughter now makes. We use larger quantities so it’s easy to remember. 3 cups sugar, 1 cup cream, 1 cup peanut butter. Boil 3 minutes take off heat add 1 tsp. Vanilla, beat and pour in buttered pan. Delicious

  21. Lacherie M Hall Reply

    I add about two tablespoons of better and used evaporated milk , turned out really good.

  22. Angela hurst Haldeman Reply


  23. Angela Hurst Haldeman Reply

    My family is having it now!!!!!

  24. AMANDA JOY Reply

    All my life I’ve made old fashion fudge,never made peanutbutter fudge. I thought I’d give it a try… Fabulous. Everyone loves it & so easy. Thank you

  25. Lyle Reply

    Tasty and easy to make . Thanks !

  26. Sandy Jackson Reply

    I’m out of milk is sweet condensed milk too sweet to use instead ?

    • KTB DW Reply

      Yes. I mean, I’d simple wait until you can get milk.

    • Fritomann Reply

      sounds like something I would try.

  27. larry h Reply

    It is cooling as I type. Looks like and tastes like it will be amazing. What really surprised me was that clean up was a breeze as well…

  28. Crystal wiland Reply

    Second time in my life I’ve made fudge, it’s cooling now❤️ Clean up a breeze and quick and easy. Had everything on hand! Licking the spoon tells me it’s going to be great. Hope it sets up ok. Nothing is mentioned about refrigeration ?

  29. KTB DW Reply

    How long does it take it to harden..? It’s been in the fridge for a few hours at this point and it is very bendy.
    The fudge came to a super duper slow boil, so I am not sure if I started the “2.5 minute” timer at the right time. If I messed up or whatever, can I place it in the freezer to harden in, or will it get messy when I take it out?

  30. Yalonda Dean Reply

    How will it turn out without the vanilla? My husband has an allergy but loves peanut butter anything

  31. Ansley Reply

    It was more like taffy in a way when I tried it. Did I do something wrong?

  32. Terry Skutnik Reply

    I made for the 1st time. Was not as dry as I like. Everyone liked it. I Read to boil it l9nger for dryer fudge. I will boil longer next time, ty all for nice reafing. Was so eady. My chocolate is just a bag of chocolate chips [toll house] 1 can condenced milk tsp vanilla. Melp & pour in dish. Very creamy and yummy ♡

  33. Shannon Reply

    I just got done making it! The 2nd time in two weeks! It is so good! Thanks for such an easy and good recipe!

  34. Terry Reply

    I don’t know why this appeared in my inbox today…lol Sounds delicious! My question is, can I use chunky peanut butter? I really have a thing for chunky peanut butter and since my mom always put nuts in her oh so chocolately fudge…make sense? Makes me drool thinking about it!

  35. Beverly Britton Hunt Reply

    This was the first time I made peanut butter fudge and this recipe was great. It turned out delicious and good. Thank you for posting the recipe

  36. Aj Reply

    I loved it thank you so much.

  37. Debbi Reply

    I’ve been making it for years. I use half and half instead of milk and I cup of peanut butter. I butter the container instead of spray. it is always a huge hit.

  38. Suzana Lee Trapuzzno Reply

    I have been trying to make peanut butter fudge for several weeks , ruined several batches, was discouraged…I JUST tried this recipe, PERFECT!!
    Thank you Chrissy

  39. James T Reply

    Having never made fudge before,I looked at dozens of peanut butter fudge recipes.
    I chose yours but added 3/4 cup of mini marshmallows after taking off the heat, then vanilla and peanut butter.
    Spread in a pan so they were a 1/4 inch thick.
    Made brownies and sandwiched the fudge between 2 brownie layers. cut into squares.
    Turned out fantastic.
    Going to keep this recipe.

  40. Charlene Sisson Reply

    Best & easiest fudge I’ve ever made & it was delicious wondering if u could make it with hersheys cocoa for chocolate fudge

  41. Vickie Lewis Reply

    I was hungry for peanut butter fudge and I was so happy to find this super easy recipe with ingredients I had on hand. Now I can make this often. Love it!! Thanks for sharing.

  42. Vicki Reply

    Can you substitute hazelnut spread for the peanut butter?

  43. Linda Reply

    I made it very good will keep making it thanks

  44. Linda Reply

    I made it turned out great I’ll be making it again thanks

  45. Staci Reply

    I’m not sure what I did wrong but mine won’t set up. Can it be put in the oven? It’s not firm at all.

  46. Sara Reply

    mine came out very very granulated like it’s not smooth it like eating sugar

  47. Laurie Gardner Reply

    Do you think a 13X9 pan would work if I doubled the recipe?

  48. Will Huff Reply

    Yep, Google “easy pb recipe” and this is it! I prefer the way it stays thinned for pouring into the pan with self leveling ease. Thank you.

  49. Bernice Reply

    Can you freeze this recipe

  50. Karen Blackmon Reply

    Can I use 2% milk ?

  51. Melanie Reply

    We have always called this peanut butter candy. It is very addicting. I Made this last night and I believe I put too much milk in mine. Very runny. Large batch that looks ruined. What can I do to recipe to correct the problem?

  52. Jacqueline Wesley Reply

    I used it for my first time making fudge ever and it turned out great ty

  53. Megan Barker Reply

    I love this recipe. this is exactly how I was taught to make it at age 12. Im now 33 and I still make it today. its a favorite in my household. its just so simple and so so so so so good!!

  54. Cara Kelly Reply

    How is this stored? I noticed that it is never addressed. 🙂 Looks soooo good! I’m gonna try this today as well as my choco fudge to make PB choco fudge!

  55. Cathy Reply

    Yummy! This past holiday season, I made this PB fudge 3 times. I made it the 1st time to add to my baking tins to give to friends and coworkers. My daughter was miffed because I gave it all away. 2nd batch for my daughter, just as great as the 1st. I made it early Christmas morning to take to the family dinner. I had to make it for a friend’s New Year’s gathering because she wanted her friends to try it. Wonderful turn out of fudge and new friends. Thank you so much for sharing.

  56. Bert Irvine Reply

    just made some, but it’s still cooling. I’m sure it’s going to be awesome. thanks for sharing this with all.

  57. Joanna Reply

    what does it do with water and not milk and some people do 1 cup of peanut butter and some put more! what dose that do to it. ? i made some with 4 cups sugar and 2 cups peanut butter& 1/2 cup butter 1/2 teaspoon vanilla and boil for 4 mins and it would not get hard . some one gave me a recipe. what did i do wrong ?

  58. Bree Reply

    This is second time makinf, first time I used what was called for but half a cup less of granulated sugar and replaced w/ half a cup of brown sugar, also added a little bit of butter in w/ the milk and sugar and slowly brought to a boil. first time turned out great but this second time around I didn’t have Jif Peanut Butter only store brand and it didn’t turn out so good. First time making it was perfect though so maybe the peanut butter has a lot to do w/. But second time it was bendy or taffy like as some of you put it. Also came to a boil quicker so maybe it needed cooked longer. But I’ll be making it with the right peanut butter and I’ll take my time next time to get the perfect batch again. wished I’d taken pictures before it was gone but it didn’t last through the night it was so delicious. And it is as easy as it seems and clean up a breeze. A++ Going in my go to fav recipe to make for sure.

  59. Judie Thomas Reply

    Can you use Cocoa instead of peanut butter with this recipe It came out really good I just made it today came out really good but I wanted to know can you make it with Coco would it be the same would it work please let me know I can’t believe how easy it was and it tastes so good thank you for the recipe

  60. Rory Reply

    1960’s, mother would make this same recipe. Some times she would add a little chocolate and make swirls. The problem is we can’t remember the type of chocolate, only from melting chocolate chips.
    Anyone out there in ( CANDY LAND’S) know the answer?

  61. Blonde69 Reply

    I made this peanut butter fudge today. I followed the recipe exactly. It’s an easy process, but the fudge is too sweet and a tiny bit gritty. it’s not bad, but not the fudge I was looking for.

  62. Amber Reply

    Hello! i tried to make this recipe but it’s turning out to be runny, I might’ve done something wrong knowing me, but how long is this supposed to be kept in the fridge? should i put it in the freezer? I might have it with some ice cream if it doesn’t solidify. Had a bit and it tasted nice!

  63. Marcia Hackett Reply

    So easy, so delicious and melt in your mouth!

  64. Cathy Robinson Reply

    tear peanut butter fudge it’s absolutely delicious and so easy for me to make being disabled it’s hard when you have limited use of your legs and arms so your recipe was very short easy and good thank you so much I enjoyed it

  65. Brenda Jette Reply

    I have tried this recipe twice and both times , it didn’t set. please help because it tastes so good.

  66. MAX MYERS Reply


  67. Amber Reply

    I really struggled with this recipe. I used almond milk and it came out so sticky even though I heated it much longer than specified. It never really set.

  68. Michael A. Clark Reply

    I just made this recipe, it turned out perfect and delicious

    Definitely recommend 10/10

  69. Angel Smith Reply

    Just made this recipe exactly as instructed and it turned out PERFECT! I’ve tried other recipes but this seems the easiest and it taste devine. Thanks for posting.

  70. Ashley Reply

    very easy to make and Soo yummy! and yes they didn’t make it for more than a couple hours in this house! thanks for the great recipe!

  71. Mimi Reply

    Absolutely fantastic recipe!!! Family fav for sure. My husband is like a kid in a candy store waiting impatiently for the spoon and pot to get the scrapings (I always leave a lil extra in pot for him). Love getting recipes from you!! Definitely my go to when needing a good casserole

  72. CAROL Reply

    just made this but I added pecans. very tasty and so simple to make!

  73. Michelle R Edwards Reply

    I made this fudge recipe and there was nothing left the morning after. So I guess it’s family-approved. Lol. It was delicious, fast and easy. Making some treats for my son’s football team. They are going to love it as well. what makes it so much better to me is that you found this recipe thrifting. so this was probably someone’s beloved mother or grandmother that made this fudge 100 times if not more. so it makes me feel good that we were able to carry his or her recipes on to now share with our children. thanks again for sharing

  74. Lina Gregoire Reply

    These are soooo delicious. Looked for this exact recipe to make for my family because it reminded me of the school ones I loved when I was little. Did not disappoint!

  75. Aubrey n Reply

    I am 11 and i love to cook i had to try this recipe twice bc i didnt do it right the first time but this fudge is so good absolutely awesome not gritty smooth just straight up delicious and if you use like 1 cup of sugar a little less milk and use peter pans honey roasted creamy peanut butter it’s amazing truly addicting 👏🙂

  76. Aubrey n Reply

    Also a little add on to my previous one if you use the crunchy peanut butter its the perfect cross between peanut brittle and peanut butter fudge it gives it this elevated feel gives it some more texture too

  77. Jessica Hoad Reply

    *Me trying to find a dessert to make for my moms birthday, Comes across this*
    OMG she’s gonna love this!! 🙂

  78. The Fraley’s Reply

    Made it for my family today. And we love it. Easy to make took less than 10 minutes and cooled off in the fridge in 2 hours. So tasty 😋 Totally recommend 😊

  79. Mildred Reply

    Tonight will be the fourth time I made your peanut butter fudge. I added nuts to it and it was delicious.

  80. Sandy Reply

    love this recipe! I’ve been making this fudge for several years and it’s the best. I add 4 large or 3/4 cup of miniature marshmallows after I add the peanut butter.. so creamy and delicious, sets very well.

  81. Donna Reply

    my husband loves this
    thank you ❤️

  82. Janice Wright Reply

    I am definitely not a good cook but was able to actually fix this and my husband loves it.

  83. Elby Reply

    This was so easy and delicious. I couldn’t wait for it to cool!!!

  84. Sarah Hall Reply

    Made this last night and it turned out great I melted little bit of chocolate and poured over it to top it and it didn’t last 30 min maybe lol

  85. Tonya Reply

    good simple recipe! I made this peanut butter exactly as called for the first time, we liked it! This time I’ve got walnuts im stirring into the mix, we will see how that goes, walnuts in the peanut butter, idk, we’ll see. thank you for the great recipe!

  86. Paula Reply

    Hello can I double this recipe to make fudge thicker

    • Crissy Page Reply

      Should be okay but I haven’t tried it!

  87. Jazmin Reply

    Just came hear to say I used Almond Milk to make it non-dairy and it worked pretty well too. It was gone the next day lol

  88. Damen Reply

    Fudge was great, I’ve memorized it and made it six times, I was wondering if the fudge recipie can be Doubled for a larger batch, I just keep running out of fudge

    • Crissy Page Reply

      I haven’t done it but I don’t see why not!

  89. Raven Sanders Reply

    do you cool in fridge?

  90. Donna Reply

    Can you double the recipe and it turn out ok? Would you cook it the same amount of time?

  91. Pamela Bess Reply

    I tried your recipe today…the first time that I have ever made fudge…

  92. Joy Reply

    Just made this for Christmas Day and it was so easy. I didn’t have to stand there and stir it for hours on the stove and I didn’t burn it and it came out perfect. Thank you so much for the recipe oh by the way it tastes delicious can’t wait for my family to try it.
    Happy Holidays

  93. Stella Reply

    my fudge is good its not hard how can I make it hard

    • Crissy Page Reply

      Hi Stella, it probably needed to boil a bit longer.

  94. Penny Cross Reply

    First time l made this was perfect. Second time, not so much. Darker color, did’nt set up and tasted like too much butter, although l followed recipe exactly. Any ideas?

    • Crissy Page Reply

      Something would have had to be slightly different the second time, Penny. I’m not sure what it was, sorry!

  95. Judie Gay Reply

    I always use the crunchy peanut butter it’s wonderful. yummy!

  96. Pam Reply

    oh wow, easy and good..doesn’t taste too sweet even with all the liked it so two thumbs up.

    • Crissy Page Reply

      I’m so glad you liked it, Pam!

  97. Georganne cook Reply

    so easy to make came out amazing this is my second time making it and I love it and everyone else loved it delicious thanks for the recipe

  98. Cindy Reply

    Thank you for the recipe for easy peanut butter fudge.

  99. Erica Reply

    Absolutely superb
    I couldn’t stop eating it

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